MCR solutions is an international provider and developer of business solutions for small, mid-sized, big and multinational corporations.

Our headquarters are based in Lausanne, Switzerland and our International Operations are based in Barcelona, Spain.


​For more than 20 years we have been implementing Oracle projects for large corporations worldwide. We are known for being able to deliver successful projects in complex, mission-critical, multinational environments.

We realized that small and mid-sized companies usually struggle with business challenges similar to those of large corporations, but with far less resources. That’s why we recently expanded our business to provide smaller companies with solutions tailored to their needs and make them enjoy the same level of expertise large corporations do.​

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We support our customer in three levels

Level 1. Operational 

The basis of any business is constituted by its internal operations. We implement ERP, MRP, SCM and CRM solutions that allow our clients to have a complete control of their operations

Level 2. Collaborative 

Today’s companies have to deal with an immense number of unstructured flows of information coming from external entities (customers, suppliers, government…) We provide digital tools to structure and automate every external flow of information

Level 3. Analytical 

Without good information it is almost impossible to make the best decisions. We help our clients with different analytical tools give that give them a clear vision of their business and help them to make the right decision every time