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If what you need is a tool to control inventory, then our Inventory Management is your solution.

Know at all times the levels of your inventories that are in your company in warehouses of your logistics operators or in your customers.

Monitor online consumption, traceability of your products to be able to invoice and/or know the storage parameters of your products.


Our solutions automate the generation, sending and registration of any electronic transaction, interacting with any ERP, so that orders, shipping notices, electronic invoices, etc., are processed without human intervention.

This integration capacity makes EDI messages the best option to optimize most of the administrative and management processes, thanks, among others, to the improvements obtained by reducing processing times, increasing security and confidentiality, or reducing costs.


Documentation for a company is essential, independently of its area of work. Although we live in a practically digital world, we still work with documents in physical format that make them somewhat more complicated to research and manipulate. makes it possible to digitise all of this. allows you to identify and recognise the text contained in a scanned image or document.  You will be able to extract the information quickly and efficiently, to transfer it to electronic format and to facilitate the electronic management of these documents in an efficient, secure and agile way.


The SII (Immediate Provision of VAT Information) requires the electronic communication of relevant data for VAT purposes of all invoices issued and received by the company, including simplified invoices or receipts, within a maximum period of 4 days.

Any company concerned must be operating with the new SII system from 1 July 2017 in Spain. The starting date for the Tax Authorities is January 1, 2018.

If you are already working with the SII, we can certainly help you by minimizing your service costs with We will speed up your management in an efficient way in all the procedures.