Modernize your R12 Oracle eBusiness Suite ERP with Oracle Enterprise Command Centers

Starting from Release 12.2.4, Oracle E-Business Suite includes Oracle Enterprise Command Center dashboards, which allow users to identify and act on top priorities without custom operational reporting.


  • Oracle Enterprise Command Centers are included with Oracle E-Business Suite with no additional license cost and can be activated with a minimum deployment investment

  • Allow to identify and act on top priorities without custom operational reporting

  • Access from mobile or desktop devices

  • Quick user adoption

  • Improved data communication with support for a variety of visualizations and charts

  • Rapid deploy, with no change to the Oracle E-Business Suite database

  • Out-of-the-box UI and security integration

  • Capable of analyzing structured and unstructured Oracle E-Business Suite information

  • Flexibly meet new business requirements through configuration instead of coding 

  • Update dashboard design and visualizations

  • Expose additional data in the EBS instance on the dashboard

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  Examples of the dashboards you can easly create with Oracle ECC's

Key features:

  • Actionable indicators

  • Consumer-like search and filters

  • Instant search results

  • Search across organizations

  • Interactive visualizations

  • Guided navigation

  • Tag clouds

  • Charts

  • Fully integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite security and page flows

  • Available for both desktop and mobile devices

  • Multilingual Support (MLS)

  • Extensible with Oracle Enterprise Command Center Framework (ECC Framework)

Available Command Centers:

  • Financials: Receivables, iReceivables, Channel Revenue Management, Payables, Assets, Incentive Compensation, Lease and Finance Management

  • Procurement & Projects: iProcurement: Consumer-Like Shopping, Procurement, Projects, Contract Lifecycle Management for Public Sector

  • Order Management & Logistics: Order Management, Inventory Management

  • Manufacturing: Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, Outsourced Manufacturing, Cost Management

  • Asset Lifecycle & Service: Enterprise Asset Management, Service Contracts, Service (TeleService), Depot Repair

  • Human Capital Management: Human Resources

Activate your Oracle Enterprise Command Centers

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